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From: bfour - 10/28/2021 - In tonight's quiz, demeter is not the answer to any question, although it would have been appropriate to the theme of the quiz. Okay, that seems a little mean, so, I will say that there is a quote from Timmy Jordan's sister. That's all you're getting. Move on now. Nothing to see here.

From: biscuit - 10/22/2021 - Just to see if anybody reads the Shoutbox messages, the answer to the sixth question in next Tuesday's game is Demeter.

From: BobC - 09/08/2021 - To see the Nairobi Trio routine, check out Page down to the bottom to see the video -- Kovacs is the conductor and the piano player is cast member Jolene Brand; note in particular the last paragraph above the video.

From: Heatherly - 09/02/2021 - OMG ABBA ... l_branch=1

From: bfour - 06/03/2021 - Unbelievably, name the Abba song is one of the categories for tonight's quiz. I can hear the drums.